2017 Inspired by Sia

Some people might say I had a disaster year and, honestly, I might have said it too for a quick second. Would you go to that head-space where intuition take you? Any which way, in hindsight, I think I did amazing.

So, what happened?



I was out of job for 3 months after the Singapore gig in 2016. Humbled by an executive in an integrated agency, she offered me a head digital role in Hong Kong. Still being super grateful about it as it was an amazing prospect, with me having no agency experience on top of it. But I turned it down as I was given a very positive response in a regional role based in Tokyo for a Fortune 100 company.


After 6 rounds of interview with some extremely senior folks and having flown to Tokyo for face to face, I got turned down. Feeling baffled by the result but, equally baffled, one of the interviewers recommended me to another role in the organization.


I actually got hired this time round after just 1 additional interview. favorite


I started flying around between Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Atlanta, and experienced Shanghai as a place to live and work for the first time. flight_takeoff


In the middle of an Atlanta trip, I came to know that one of my closest family members was in ER then ICU. My grandma, who was THE closest aside from my mom, prepped me for this a few years back when she passed. I knew how to react and traveled half a globe back home. Still, needing 48 hours to get back door to door in that situation wasn’t cute. I speculated for a few days. I made the decision to terminate the role that took me almost 5 months plus a few twist and turns to have scored.


It was still the opposite of rainbows and unicorns, but family members seemed to have come to senses on the situation finally.


A very dear friend of mine passed away at the very last day of 2017. He died too young, but with love and he most certainly left a mark.

All in all,

  • I recovered from physical and mental depletion when I started the year
  • I was ready and showed up to have scored the agency offer
  • I proved myself to have gone to the 6th interview, worthy of the recommendation volunteered by an executive, and scored the Shanghai role
  • I spent time and traveled with family before I committed Shanghai
  • I made a super tough decision that might hurt me in my career for who-knows-how-long
  • I made the right decision and did my best to set my family in the best head space I could have taken them to
  • I helped my brother to shine, as a mentor, friend, family
  • The bond with my family grew even stronger, plus with my close friends
  • At the very end of 2017, I proved myself once more and had a call back from a company that hired someone else instead of me
  • I went through some dark times after August, but I kept the light and endured with resilience; and stayed positive for the most of the roller coaster

Yes I’m bragging a little. I did pretty well and I will do even better in 2018 I promise.

In an era of equality, diversity and love, I shall close with this version of Chandelier, Diamonds and Titanium.


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